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Attorney Blaster - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you able to provide any delivery statistics?

Attorney Blaster is unique in that we provide real statistics, including the number of legal professionals we send your resume to, the number of legal professionals who actually view your resume/profile, the number of legal professionals who saved your profile information and the number of resumes we've blasted in general for a particular period of time.

What kind of response level should I expect?

The amount of response varies for each legal candidate. Many things go into whether a person with hiring authority will immediately view your profile and/or respond to your resume submission. Mostly, if they have a job opportunity for you now, but also many other reasons; not just the quality of your resume, but your type of skills, salary requirements, location requirements, or citizenship requirements. Remember, it only takes one person with hiring authority to get you a job. Follow up with each person who connects with you via the Attorney Blaster service even if they have nothing for you at this time. You never know when they will.

How is your site different from other resume blaster sites on the web?

We are very different from other services on the Internet. Most of the others put your resume in a database. First, the recruiters have to search the database for key words that will pull your resume up and then they have to choose to read your resume from all the ones that were pulled up. This is a reactive way of getting to recruiters. The recruiters have to do all the work.

We are a legal resume distribution service. Legal professionals with actual hiring authority have to sign up to receive our resumes in their own email. They do not have to search for you. Our site is proactive, not reactive to our clients needs.

We are legal only. We target professionals in the legal community, unlike many other more generalized services.

Lastly, you can submit your resume and blast it to specific states, types of companies, types of legal groups and do it all completely confidentially.

How do I get started with your service?

You can click on any Sign Up button. This will start the profile process with our service. We will ask you strategic questions to optimize your profile. You will have the opportunity to view your profile just as the recruiters will see it. You will be able to modify it to your liking and then, finally, approve it for distribution. Once your payment has been verified, your profile and resume will be in the queue for blasting. You can update and edit your profile at any time and re-send at your convenience (fees apply).

When will my resume be distributed?

Resumes are normally distributed within 3 business days after completion of the process (payment processed and approval received). You will receive a confirmation message via email when your profile has been blasted.

How do I know my resume will be distributed?

You will receive confirmation messages directly from many of the companies and recruiters. These responses will continue over a period of a few weeks.

I do not want my current employer to receive my resume. How is this handled?

We suggest if you are worried about your current employer seeing your resume/profile simply choose the “Confidential” option when signing up. You are free to review our geographical and discipline recruiter lists to determine if the company you do not want to receive your resume is on our list.

Do you have to submit a cover letter?

A cover letter is optional (you may submit only a resume if you wish), although we do encourage you to use this option to further elaborate regarding your skills, experience and career objectives. The cover letter is a great opportunity for you to set yourself apart from the many resumes that recruiters receive on a daily basis.

Can you submit in MS Word format or do you require text only format?

While you can upload your resume and cover letter in MS Word format, we STRONGLY reccomend using a PDF instead. Also, we do not send your actual resume out. We are different. We send a link to our clients with a brief description of your qualifications. From that point our clients decide to view your profile or not. If they choose to see your profile they will be taken directly to your profile page where they can see your CV and cover letter, picture, and video resume.

What are my payment options?

We only accept credit card and debit card payments.

Do you have a guarantee?

Our service guarantees that we will distribute your profile to all the legal professionals that are subscribed and have selected the same geographical and disciplinary preferences that you have. The type and amount of preferences depend on the level of service you select.

If, under any circumstance, we do not perform the service as advertised, (i.e. distributing your resume to matched recruiters,) we promise a full money-back guarantee. Some examples of these types of circumstances would be: we did not actually distribute the profile/resume, there were errors with distribution such as duplicated last, blast unreadable, or other technical errors.

We are not a job placement agency, nor do we guarantee responses and/or jobs. Many variables outside of our control affect whether a candidate gets responses and/or job offers. Some of these are: job availability, the quality of the resume, skill level, salary requirements, location requirements, citizenship requirements, etc… It's easy to assume a huge response, but that is not always the case.