During his 12-year career as player in the National Basketball Association, Rex Chapman had almost 600 steals.

According to Scottsdale Police, Chapman has racked up a few more steals during his retirement. Chapman is accused of shoplifting more than $14,000 worth of merchandise from the Apple Store at a Scottsdale-area mall, reports the Arizona Republic.

What kind of charges is Chapman now facing?

Allegedly Pawned Merchandise for Cash

Police say that Chapman, who also worked as an executive with the Phoenix Suns NBA franchise following his retirement from the league, stole items from the Apple Store at the Scottsdale Quarter mall on seven occasions over recent months.

Chapman allegedly made it appear he was using the self-checkout system to pay for his purchases, but instead left the store without paying. Police say that Chapman then took the stolen merchandise to a local pawn shop, where he sold it for cash.

Employees at the store told police that they recognized Chapman, who stands six-foot-four, from his days as a player with the Suns. Chapman was arrested Friday in Scottsdale after a traffic stop.

Charged with Organized Retail Theft, Trafficking

Chapman is facing nine charges of theft related to the shoplifting incidents. Under Arizona law, a person commits the crime of organized retail theft when that person removes merchandise from a retail store without paying for it with the “intent to resell or trade the merchandise for money or for other value.” As a Class 4 felony, organized retail theft carries a maximum sentence of up to three years in prison for a first time offender.

Chapman is also facing five counts of trafficking in stolen property, which can be a Class 2 felony if charged in the first degree with a potential prison sentence of up to 10 years.

According to KSAZ-TV, Chapman was released from jail Saturday.